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Water Pump Market – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020

Water pumps are one of the most important mechanical devices with application in several industries and households. Growing urbanization and industrialization in the developing countries and increasing use of water pumps in industries is driving the demand of water pumps market globally. Based on end user applications, water pumps are categorized under four segments namely industrial water pump, municipal water pump, agricultural water pump, and domestic water pump.

Based on technology, the two categories of water pump are centrifugal water pump and positive displacement design. Centrifugal water pumps are used widely in buildings, wells, fire protection system and hot water circulation in industries, whereas positive displacement design type water pumps are used in hydraulic systems. Positive displacement design pumps are further segmented as reciprocating, metering, and rotary pumps. Positive displacement design pumps are generally larger than centrifugal pumps of equal-capacity.

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