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Sports Equipments Market – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020

Global sports equipments market consists of equipment for various sports such as ball sports, golf, adventure sports, racket sports, winter sports, bowling, billiards, indoor games, wheel sports and martial arts.

North America is the leading market for sports equipment. In North America, the U.S. and Canada dominates the sports equipments market. North America is followed by Europe as the second largest sports equipments market. In European sports equipments market, Germany is the largest market followed by the U.K, France and Italy. In Asia-Pacific region, China and India, due to their large population, are expected to fuel the market growth. China is one of the major medal winners in the Olympics and has good inclination towards sports, thus driving the demand for sports equipment. Cricket has been the most popular sport in India. However, in recent years, other sports, such as tennis, wrestling, boxing and shooting are also moving up the popularity chart which is expected increase the demand of sports equipment of these sports in the country. Cricket is also expected to continue its leadership as most popular sport as with the introduction of new format of games such as IPL and T-20, it is expected to attract the new generation of sportspersons.

Increase in the sports participation rate in athlete and youngster across the globe is the major driver for the sports equipments market. Increasing media coverage of various global sports events such as Olympic, Commonwealth games and world cups encourages the youth to take part in various sports. Television and internet makes it more assessable among the youth, which encourage them to towards sports, which is also one of key factor for the growth of various sports equipment.

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