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Electric Bus Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020

Electric bus was first introduced globally in 1882 and is now gaining popularity due to increasing global concern on emissions. Buses are one of the most pollution emitting vehicles in a country which are mostly used as public transport. However there have been made several up-gradations in the engine technologies for evolve with the buses with least emission; however the increasing number of public transport due to the increasing population is raising the emission levels. The evolution and penetration of electric and hybrid and fuel cell buses in the global bus market has been observed to be the only solution for emission controls from public transport.

Electric buses have several other benefits including quieter operation and less dependence on crude oil-led fuels. Additionally, electric buses are more economical than the petroleum and compressed natural gas (CNG) based buses. The operating cost of an electric bus in New York was between USD 0.2 cents-0.3 cents per mile in 2014 as compared to an equivalent diesel or CNG powered buses. The emission regulations from public transport in some Asian countries such as India are not much stricter due to which the customary diesel-powered vehicles are flourishing in the country.

Moreover, the weak power infrastructure in the country is further creating hurdles for the growth of electric buses in the Asian sub-continent. The change in government, which is inclined on cleanliness, may have some implication on the development of electricity-led public transportation in the coming years. However, the governments in developed countries are already prepared to include more numbers of electric buses in their public transport infrastructure. The U.S. department of transportation has recently announced the investment of USD 24.9 million to increase the number of zero-emission buses across America.

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