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Dietary Supplements Market – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020

Dietary supplements are also termed as food supplement or nutrition supplement. Dietary supplements are taken orally by various age group consumers who are unable to meet their nutrient needs through regular diet. Dietary supplements are offered in various forms such as capsule, pill, powder, gel caps, granules, tablet, energy bars and liquid. Various segments of dietary supplements are vitamins, mineral, enzyme, fiber, calcium, essential oils, herbal supplements and fatty acids. Rise in healthcare cost, fast lifestyle, growing economy, accelerating ageing population, increase in consumer health concern, rising urban population, and growing income level are some of major growth drivers for the global dietary supplements market.

There are three primary dietary requirements of an individual: life style, preventive and proactive, and clinical. Vitality, wellbeing, beauty and energy together comprise of lifestyle requirements. Age related, infant nutrition and weight management form preventive and proactive requirement while clinical requirements include nutrigenomics and medical food.  The use of dietary supplements is common in athlete to gain the maximum energy to attain peak performance levels. With the increase in sports participation rate, the supplements that support sports health are expected to have increase in their demands.

Asia Pacific is the largest market for dietary supplements. The health and wellness trend is spreading at a rapid pace and growing preference towards nutritional diet is expected to drive the dietary supplements market. China and India are two major markets for dietary supplements in Asia Pacific region. After Asia Pacific, North America is the second largest market. Latin America is also one of the emerging markets for dietary supplements.

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