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Bioplastics Packaging Market for Food and Beverages: Global Industry Study on Beverages Packaging to Witness Highest Growth by 2020

Over the past few decades, a surge in the use of plastics due to increase in consumer demand for safety and convenience in packaged food and beverages has been observed. When it comes to food and beverages packaging, terms such as ’green’, ’organic’, ‘fair trade’, and ’locally sourced’ have been drawing the attention of consumers in the recent years. With climatic changes taking place, health awareness, and environmental issues are growing. Furthermore, media coverage has made consumers more aware about the factors that are guiding their purchasing decisions, which has been driving the growth in the bioplastics packaging market.

Bioplastics packaging covers an array of industries, including organic foods, fruits and vegetables, beverages, bread and bakery products, and catering, which require disposable utensils (cups, mugs, trays, plates, and cutlery).

Bioplastics have been gaining attention of policymakers in the packaging domain in recent years as it is being sourced from renewable resources and carry implications for sustainable development. Governments in several countries are against the compost of non-biodegradable conventional plastics for land filling and have been formulating several laws and policies that limit their use. Excessive use of conventional plastics has led to an increase in carbon dioxide emission, toxic landfills, and polluted water, which is affecting public health and soil fertility. As a result, policymakers have been encouraging production and use of bioplastics. The U.S. government introduced the Title IX, the energy title of the 2008 farm bill (P.L. 110-240), which encourages federal agencies to buy bioplastics items including bioplastics packaging products.

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