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Animal Healthcare Market to hit USD 41,929.1 million in 2019 : Persistence Market Research

The global animal healthcare market is growing due to the increasing animal population of both types: companion and production. Companion animals are those which people tame or adopt for companionship, house/office guards and production animals are raised for meat and milk-related products.  (more…)


Global Animal Healthcare Market to Expand at 7.1% CAGR

New York City, New York, Oct 15, 2015: Persistence Market Research (PMR) has announced a new publication, an analytical research report on the global animal healthcare market. All relevant aspects of the market, such as the market’s drivers and restraints, key trends emerging in the market, and the market’s competitive landscape, are described in detail in the report. The report, titled ‘Global Market Study on Animal Healthcare: Feed Additives to Witness Highest Growth by 2019’, is available for sale on PMR’s website.

Request Sample Report: (more…)

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