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New York City, New York, Dec 22, 2015: The recent report, titled “Global Market Study on Dental Implants: Asia Pacific to Witness Fastest Growth by 2020” and published by Persistence Market Research, presents a holistic overview of the global market for dental implants. The report states that the market has shown significant growth in the past and it will continue to move along a positive growth path over the forthcoming years as well.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root or a tooth that is surgically imbedded into the lower or upper jawbone. The number of dental implant surgeries conducted worldwide has increased rapidly in the past few years. Impelled by a plethora of growth drivers, the global dental implants market is poised to grow exponentially during 2014-2020, according to industry experts.

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The potential for the dental implants market is huge and it is expanding accordingly, propelled by factors such as the widening geriatric demographic, growing awareness regarding oral healthcare, and high incidence of oral injuries. Dental implant surgeries provide an option to people who have lost their tooth due to periodontal diseases, injuries, and others. Hence, the market for dental implants is growing at a substantial rate.

According to the report, the global dental implants market will exhibit a healthy 9.7% CAGR between 2014 and 2020. Escalating demand for cosmetic dentistry around the world is a significant factor contributing to the impressive CAGR of the market. Middle-aged and retired people from various parts of the world are exploring ways to maintain their youthful appearance and attractiveness. This has considerably expanded the market for cosmetic dentistry and has also fuelled the demand from the global dental implants market. Moreover, the implants used today are easier to place and last longer, which has also aided the dental implants market.

Significantly increasing levels of average disposable incomes of people, especially those in emerging economies, has also contributed to the expansion of the global dental implants market. Apart from these factors, robust technological advances introduced in dental implants surgery, such as mini dental implants, 3D laser dentistry, and CAD, are also believed to fuel the demand from the global dental implants market.

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With the rising prevalence of chronic diseases, the demand for substantive healthcare has considerably increased. This is reflected in the increasing medical tourism in several countries. Increased state investment in the healthcare sectors of countries such as India, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Hungary, Thailand, and Mexico have been attracting not only native patients but also people hailing from other countries who seek better healthcare facilities at cheaper prices. The growth of medical tourism, according to the report, has tremendously boosted the market for dental implants.

The dental implants used today are nothing like their earliest counterparts. Implants used today in dentistry are easier to place and restore. In fact, in a majority of cases nowadays, dental implants are identified as the most viable option by an increasing number of specialists and generalists.

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The impact of such aforementioned factors is studied and evaluated in detail by the analysts of the report. The research study is therefore inclusive of the market’s nuances and statistical evidences, which will help stakeholders gain a better understanding of the prevailing conditions in the global dental implants market.

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