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Group of gases, particularly manufactured for use in various industries are popularly known as industrial gases. These gases are formed at ambient temperature and pressure. Industrial gases are chemicals that can be either elemental gas or chemical compound, organic or inorganic in nature, having low molecular weight. Industrial gases are known by different names across different industries such as specialty gases, medical gases, fuel gases and refrigerant gases. Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, hydrogen, helium and acetylene are some of the common industrial gases used in the market. Also, variety of these gases and their mixture contained in gas cylinders are sold in the market. Balloon helium and medical oxygen are two well known industrial gases used by general population at large.

Oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, steelmaking, water, food, fertilizers, chemicals, power, mining, metals, environmental protection, medicine, biotechnology, nuclear power, electronics and aerospace are some of the major end-user industries for industrial gases. Use of industrial gases in these industries is very diverse. Industrial gases have variety of applications including aerosol propellants and for beer widget. They are also used by medical and food industries as medical gases and processing and packaging gases for food. In terms of market size, chemicals and refining-related industrial processing market leads the global industrial gases market. It is followed by metal manufacturing and fabrication industry.

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